FSR Webshop 

General Sales Conditions 

1. Sales Contract & Contractual Partners 

It is deemed that a sales contract has been entered into between the two parties, from the moment the FSR Webshop confirms the order by e-mail to the customer. From that moment, the customer accepts the General Sales Conditions below. Your contractual partner in this sales contract is the Fédération Suisse de Rugby, 8047 Zurich, Switzerland. Sales contract in the web-shop can be made exclusively in German, French, or English language. By confirming your order at the end of the purchasing process, you enter a final and binding order for the merchandise contained in your shopping basket. Your order will be confirmed right after the order has been submitted. With the sending of this confirmation a binding contract is entered into.

2. Price 

Our prices are net, include VAT (7.7% VAT Tax), are binding, and can be modified by the FSR Webshop at any time. In case of errors on the website, the FSR Webshop reserves the right to send the products, and will endeavor to inform the customer as to the price difference, as well as respective alternative products, if available. We do not take any responsibility for accidental mislabeling in terms of pricing or product descriptions. If the FSR Webshop offers any kind of promotions or special offers, they are only valid during their period of publication on the website, and cannot be granted retroactively.

3. Exchanges and Returns 

You can return the merchandise purchased at the FSR Webshop within 28 days of receipt without restrictions. Respecting this time frame, merchandise can be sent back to be exchanged or returned. The costs for the return shipment are to be borne by the customer. If the merchandise is to be exchanged, the FSR will bear the costs of re-shipping you the new merchandise. If you make use of your right to return or exchange merchandise within 28 days of receiving it, the original sales contract is voided. Please return the merchandise to the following address:

Returns: eBoutique FSR, c/o Huddle Makers, Av. Charles Dickens 2, 1006 Lausanne, Switzerland, 
E-mail : shop(at)suisserugby.com

To guarantee that the 28 day deadline has been adhered to, the merchandise must be post-stamped before expiry of this time-frame. Please keep a proof of the sending in return. In case of returns, the sales contract will be voided and the payment added to the balance in your account, as soon as the merchandise returns to us. Exercising your right of return or exchange is, however, conditional on not having worn or used the items, other than to try them on, as you would in a retail store, and that the merchandise is undamaged and still labeled with its original labels. We also ask you to return the merchandise in its original packaging. If the return items show traces of usage or damage, we reserve the right to assess charges for these. If the merchandise is returned in aforementioned unused and undamaged condition, within the set deadline, the paid amount will be added as credit to your customer account, minus any shipping costs or other taxes. This amount will then be available for a new purchase at the FSR Webshop. If you prefer that the money be returned, this must be requested from the FSR Webshop.

4. Shipping Conditions and Shipping Costs 

Merchandise will be shipped as long as supplies last. We only ship within Switzerland and the European Union. Available merchandise will be shipped as soon as possible. In case a shipment may take longer, we will advise of such circumstance at the moment the order is placed. All shipments will be send by standard post mail. Delivery in and outside of Switzerland, as well as any custom fees, must be paid by the customer. Our obligation to ship the merchandise will be voided if we ourselves fail to receive the merchandise in time, and if such failure is not our fault, and we have informed you as soon as possible of the circumstances. In case any merchandise is no longer in supply, we will credit your account with the amount for a further order. If you prefer that the money be returned, this must be requested from the FSR Webshop. Shipping times May also be lengthened by any circumstances of force majeure such as strike, lock-out, governmental intervention, energy or raw material shortages, transportation bottlenecks, or circumstances such as Fire, Water, Equipment failure, and other circumstances which, when judged objectively, cannot be attributed to our own negligence. We will endeavor to inform you of the appearance and resolution of such obstacles as soon as possible. In case the circumstances should last beyond a 4-week period from the original shipping date, you have the right to exit from the purchasing contract. No further claims, such as for damages, can be made.

5. Payment Conditions 

In principle we offer the following payment methods: Credit Card and Wire Transfer. We reserve the right in each order to limit the payment methods, and not offer all of them. You agree to receiving invoices and credit statements exclusively in electronic form. All orders must be paid for immediately upon concluding the order. When paying by credit card, your account will be debited as soon as your order is placed. Please note that we can only accept payments from accounts within Switzerland or the European Union. In no case do we carry the costs for a money transaction.

6. Right of Ownership 

Until complete payment has been made, the merchandise will continue to belong to the FSR Webshop.

7. Registration 

You are responsible for supplying complete and correct personal details during the registration process to set up your account. You are obligated to treat your access details as confidential, and to not make them available to third parties. Confirmation of your registration will occur immediately after you click the button to submit. We are not obligated to accept registration, nor to accept the order of a registered customer. We are also not obligated to make our offers permanently available. Accepted and confirmed orders are not affected by the above.

8. Data Protection and Personal Information 

For all methods of payment, correct personal details have to be supplied. The use of modified personal information or of a false identity is deemed as deception under Swiss Law Art. 146 (StGB) and Art. 147 (StGB) and may be prosecuted by the law. All data will be treated confidentially and the FSR Webshop commits to follow the strict guidelines of the Honor Code of Swiss Mail Order (VSV) and to abide fully by Swiss Law. We only save and keep such data which is necessary for the conduct of business, and only use it for this purpose, as well as for communicating with the customer, for planning and appraisal of our commercial activities, and for marketing purposes including the creation of personalized offers.

9. Warranties and Grievance Management 

All warranties as mandated by law are in effect. In case of Customer Service inquiries or grievances please contact our Customer Service, as follows: eBoutique FSR, Rautistrasse 12, 8047 Zurich, SuisseE-mail : shop(at)suisserugby.com

10. Applicable Law, Place of Jurisdiction 

For any legal transactions as well as any business transactions with us, Swiss Law is Applicable. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) as well as any existing bilateral agreements between nations do not apply. For contracts entered for a purpose other than commercial or professional activity (Consumer Contracts), the choice of applicable law is valid so long as the consumer is not deprived of any rights which would be granted him by the law of the state in which he resides. In business transactions with commercial entities or public institutions, the place of jurisdiction for all legal or contractual matters will be our place of business. In addition we have the right to sue at the place of business of the client. Generally, whenever it is legally defensible, the place of jurisdiction will be our place of business in Lausanne.